BCIO Blockchain.io Starts Trading – 3 important things to note

BCIO Blockchain.io Starts Trading

Introduction and Meaning of Blockchain.io (BCIO)

Blockchain.io (BCIO) is said to be the first European crypto-exchange which is dedicated to altcoins. Blockchain.io (BCIO) aim to list numerous ERC-20 tokens, on trading pairs with the main altcoins like Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple. Blockchain.io (BCIO) is a project from one of the oldest and longest running Bitcoin Exchange -Paymium which was created in 2011 and established in Paris, France from its origin.

What is the Blockchain.io (BCIO) Token?

The BCIO Token is Blockchain.io ERC-20 token. It is used to pay trading fees on Blockchain.io exchange where users/traders obtain discounted fees and as well give their opinion about the next features & tokens to be listed on the BCIO platform.

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BCIO Blockchain.io Starts Trading -How does it work to pay fees with BCIO Tokens when trading on Blockchain.io?

The BCIO Token allows you to trade on the Blockchain.io exchange with discounted trade fees. When you trade, you pay the standard 0,10% fee. Regularly, you will receive a fee refund (a percentage of your trading fees). The more BCIO Tokens you hold, the higher the fee percentage refunded. This is shown in the Table below:

BCIO Blockchain.io Starts Trading

As an example: if you held 550 BCIO Tokens on average during the month, you will get back 20% of your fees. If you paid 1 ETH and 2 LTC of fees during the month, you will receive a cashback of 0,2 ETH (1*20%) and 0,4 LTC (2*20%) at the end of the month. This refund will be automatically deposited on your wallets at the end of the month.


Dynamic fees are on the roadmap: Traders will soon be able to pay all fees with BCIO tokens!

What’s next for BCIO?

Blockchain.io have the ambition to provide trusted fundraisers with IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) services. BCIO Token will be available as a means of payment to invest in a new project.

Every IEO held on the platform will result in airdrops to the BCIO holders. The more BCIO Tokens, the more IEO tokens you will get!


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