Araw Tokens will impact on the E-Commerce Industry positively before 2020. The rate at which blockchain technology is growing is astounding. Every day we see blockchain technology developing and blockchain developers are thinking of new ways to solve existing issues and even create solutions for future problems.

The existing problems that blockchain technology has been tackling includes data management, smart energy, monetization of intellectual property, advertisement and marketing and recently the attempt to revolutionize the already booming e-commerce industry.

E-commerce already changed the traditional method used when people exchange and buy goods, the brick and mortar store is close to dead and e-commerce has risen in leaps and bounds. E-commerce has made buying and selling easier than envisaged, everything is mobilized and customers can get anything they want quickly and more conveniently.

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People can buy whatever they want at the touch of a button and not even standing up from their bed, but with these conveniences came the need for more security.  But blockchain technology is a different type of technology that offers a different type of database, a more decentralized technology, which has offered businesses a new way to operate.

Araw tokens were built to revolutionize the e-commerce sector and this article will be telling you how ARAW aim to achieve that.

Araw – An understanding of the Project

Araw is described as the decentralized payment platform for the e-commerce ecosystem, which means it was built with the aim of transforming the payment architecture of the e-commerce industry. According to information on the website, they are on a blockchain powered mission of providing end to end solutions for the e-commerce space.

They offer online cryptocurrency payment where you can integrate Araw services directly on your e-commerce website and activate Araw powered cryptocurrency payments, touch and pay cryptocurrency card and a unified reward system all these built on the Ethereum blockchain.

So basically Araw is designed for payment and is used to create an ecosystem of decentralized platforms for the e-commerce industry, and this will further spike the mainstream adoption of blockchain technology by everyone all over the world.

This means if you can shop online to get a shoe or a cake you would also hear of Araw and you’ll have the opportunity to pay with cryptocurrencies, which means more people are interacting with blockchain technology.

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In the grand scheme of things, Araw token wants to attract as many people as they can as long as the e-commerce industry grows and people buy things online. The Araw card which was created for making payments on the blockchain network provides it’s customers with privileges and incentives and gives people the opportunity to make purchases of any kind with cryptocurrencies. Cool!

Araw Tokens will impact on the E-Commerce Industry -Benefits of Araw

The benefit of using Araw as a solution to the issues surrounding the e-commerce industry is enormous. The payment aspect of the e-commerce sector is filled with security breaches and issues, but with the recent deployment of Araw tokens to that sector the benefits will be felt by almost everyone who shops online. The main benefits include

  • Making e-commerce an even easier and more convenient. The Araw marketplace will be fully functional with great user experience and with the creation of Araw tokens, cryptocurrencies can be used for everyday purchase. This means a spike in the adoption of cryptocurrency and also an increase in the price of the cryptocurrency. This will create a ripple effect that will be benefited by cryptocurrency traders and the whole blockchain community.
  • An open source API that allows e-commerce to be even simpler with its API service. What this means is that customers don’t need to be technology savvy or possess expert programming skills to use e-commerce or interact with the e-commerce API.
  • The Araw touch and pay card will ensure that users can make micropayments with cryptocurrencies. This means you can pay for good or services in malls and restaurants using Araw tokens. The major benefit of this is the massive adoption of cryptocurrency.
  • The creation of a decentralized mobile wallet app. This mobile wallet app has the possibility of interacting the Araw network with banking and even crypto exchanges, and this gives a number of advantages like the ability to send and also receive Araw tokens, the ability of Araw tokens to interact with other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin and also the possibility of getting cash back on goods purchased and returned on the marketplace.

How Araw will transform the E-commerce industry

The Araw platform aims to impact and most importantly transform the e-commerce industry by building a blockchain powered platform that will integrate E-commerce businesses and a decentralized payment system created on the Ethereum blockchain network.

This will give merchants and buyers the opportunity to exchange tokens when buying and selling, interact with the blockchain and make trusted payments via the Ethereum smart contract; this smart contract is built in a way that it supports Cashback. This is a major revolution in the e-commerce sector.

The ecosystem will have the ability to impact on the e-commerce sector by utilizing some of these amazing features.

  • Araw Pay: This is the best way to access the Araw ecosystem. It is a widget that allows a website that has Araw platform integrated in them to accept payments in Araw tokens. By installing this application on your e-commerce marketplace you will have the ability to receive Araw tokens directly into your Araw mobile wallet.
  • Araw Card: The Araw card gives you the opportunity to use Araw tokens just like fiat currency. You can make purchases outside the internet, like in a coffee shop or a restaurant. The card will be directly linked to your Araw mobile wallet. All you have to do is have tokens on your wallet just like you put money in your bank account, and you can make purchases anywhere, anytime.

With these benefits and features of this blockchain powered platform, the E-commerce industry is about to get transformed, what we are still waiting to see is how much it will impact on the E-commerce space, will it be a total transformation or will it be just an impact that will work side by side with the traditional e-commerce structure?

Well, would you prefer a remaining in the traditional way of doing things or get things faster, better and more secured with blockchain? You might lose out if you waist more time thinking of the best option. Get ready! Visit Araw Estore today at

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