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How to trade on DDEX web – 4 simple steps to follow

This post will introduce you to simple steps on How to trade on DDEX web. DDEX is the first decentralized exchange built on Hydro Protocol technology, offering instant, real-time order matching with secure on-chain settlement. No sign-up required.

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Follow these 4 simple steps to get started on the DDex Trading platform:

Step 1: Connect a Wallet (Metamask, Ledger etc)


How to trade on DDEX web

Select a wallet you’d like to use from the dropdown menu. You can also create/import browser wallets.

Make sure to verify your address after selecting. This step helps your account information stay secure and private.

How to trade on DDEX web

Step 2: Wrap ETH

Open the WRAP ETH Interface

Go to the “BALANCES” section on the website (, and select the “WRAP ETH” button.

How to trade on DDEX web

 Enter the amount of ETH that you want to convert to WETH, click WRAP ETH, and confirm the transaction(s).

Note: Our interface will not allow you to deposit all your ETH; we require users to keep a small amount of ETH in their wallets to cover the gas fee (Ethereum network fee).

Step 3: Enable the token you’d like to use on DDEX.

Click enable button from the trade area.

Confirm the token enabling transaction in your wallet interface.

How to trade on DDEX web

You can enable or disable tokens at any time. Note that you will only need to do this once ever for each ERC20 token you wish to trade. After this, trading is fast and easy!

Step 4:Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency

DDEX offers two types of orders for your trading: Limited order and Market Order.

That’s it! You are all set to start trading on DDEX.

Do you have a question or something to say on How to trade on DDEX web? Kindly use the comment box.

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