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Today is a good day for cryptocurrencies as Pornhub and Pumapay Partners to Accept Cryptocurrencies as Payment. Pornhub – a leading adult entertainment streaming website just partnered with cryptocurrency payment platform Pumapay to start accepting cryptocurrencies as payment for the monthly subscription for content on their website.

This news follows the announcement of its subsidiary Tube8 to start accepting cryptocurrency VIT tokens as payment for premium content on the website. Pornhub announced its partnership with the crypto payment and billing company in a tweet on the official Pornhub twitter handle @Pornhub on the 23rd of August 2018.

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Pornhub says the partnership with Pumapay will enable its users to make payments in cryptocurrency utilizing Pumapay’s innovative “pull payment” protocol which will allow users automatically pay for their subscription even Pornhub premium.

The Canadian adult entertainment streaming website announced the partnership with a funny yet clever YouTube video titled “Pornhub and PumaPay save the world”

This move goes a long way to show the world how cryptocurrency friendly Pornhub is, as they have already partnered with other cryptocurrency startups to accept their tokens as a means of payment for subscription on its platform.

Pornhub already accepts cryptocurrencies Tron (TRX), Verge (XVG), ZenCash (ZEN) on its platform and with the new partnership with PumaPay – Pornhub is showing the world how quick they are in adapting to new technology.

Why PumaPay?

PumaPay was chosen for a reason – PumaPay provides a state-of-the-art “Pull Payment” protocol, a first of its kind in the cryptocurrency payment and billing sector. The Pull Payment protocol is an innovative method of validating transactions on the blockchain.

According to Pumapay’s CEO Yoav Dror, PumaPay reverses the traditional mode of transactions by allowing merchants to pull cryptocurrency funds from their customer’s cryptocurrency wallets, with the customer’s permission of course.

This allows merchants avoid the problems with traditional banking systems such as expensive transaction costs, lack of customer anonymity – which is especially needed by adult entertainment platforms, insecurity of reverse transactions and other fines associated with the current banking system.

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The Vice President of Pornhub also stressed the importance of cryptocurrencies to the payment industry, and how it helps with the so much needed privacy craved by adult entertainment websites. According to the VP Corey Price “Pornhub is one of the most viewed websites in the world with over 90 million daily visitors to the website. It is our duty to stay atop new innovation and always ensure the privacy of our viewers.

As decentralized technology continues to grow in popularity and efficiency, cryptocurrencies become extremely important in the adult entertainment industry because they feature more anonymity tools that traditional tender.”

So you can pay for content, premium subscription using cryptocurrencies which gives users the anonymity they need – this is really a plus for Pornhub and a partnership that really matters to the adult entertainment and the cryptocurrency industry in general.

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