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Remitano supports Ripple (XRP) trading and swap

It has been confirmed that Remitano supports Ripple (XRP) trading and swap on its platform. Ripple (XRP) has proven its worth and tends to attract a lot of attention.

Remitano announces that they have officially added support for XRP on their platform, both for P2P Market and Swap Market. What this means is that the platform will now allow you to buy and sell XRP for fiat, as well as exchange XRP with other currencies through the XRP/USDT pair.

Remitano supports Ripple
Source: ELEVENEWS -Remitano supports Ripple

XRP is a special kind of currencies. Its confirmation time is much shorter than anything else. XRP transactions are fully confirmed within a few seconds. The transaction fee is extremely cheap. As at the time of writing, Remitano does not charge a deposit fee for XRP, and only collect 0.00001 XRP per withdrawal (same as the network charge).

If you have questions or need help, please ping their Livechat or drop your comments below.

Buy and sell XRP with fiat today:
Or swap XRP with USDT and other coin:

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