How to Get Free Bitcoin

If you just heard about Bitcoin and you have been wondering how to get free bitcoin but the only way you have heard so far is to buy some then you are blessed today. I will tell you ways you can get free Bitcoin directly to your wallet by doing some minor tasks.

Bitcoin is just like a job experience, you might have heard about a job but the best way to get hands-on experience of that job is to actually start doing that job, the same thing goes for Bitcoin, to actually know about the cryptocurrency you need to have some of it, as a newbie you might be thinking twice about spending your money in buying what you know so little about – well, you can get free Bitcoin without spending your cash, you just have to spend a little of your time and medium effort to get some Bitcoin and get to know what the fuss is all about.

Getting Bitcoin for free is easier than you can imagine, but if you think you can get rich from amassing free Bitcoin, let me burst your bubble, you probably won’t, you will just amass a little Bitcoin to get you interested enough with the technology. Except in some situations where those tiny bits/dollars stay for some months and years and then appreciate up to 100-10000% as seen in bitcoin from 2016-mid 2017.

If you are intrigued with the Bitcoin you get for free then you can graduate into a major Bitcoin enthusiast and start buying or trading bulk Bitcoin. But for now, let me show you ways you can earn free Bitcoin.

To get started you have to create a Bitcoin wallet if you don’t have one, to do that you can log in to or Luno to create your wallet and then you can get started.

How to Get Free Bitcoin -Ways to earn free Bitcoin

  1. Getting free Bitcoin from Bitcoin faucets: One of the most popular and probably easiest ways to gather little amount of Bitcoin as a beginner is to try Bitcoin faucets. Bitcoin faucets reward users in Satoshi for completing tasks, it is either a website or a phone app. You will be rewarded for completing tasks like completing the captcha, viewing ads or just staying on the website.

You can also earn more Bitcoin by completing a survey. One of the most popular Bitcoin faucets MoonBitcoin allows you to earn free Bitcoin by just staying on the site, you can earn extra by completing little tasks that will be shown on your dashboard. You can also withdraw your Satoshi to your wallet every 5 minutes.

  1. Earn free Bitcoin with your twitter account: If you’re active on Twitter or you have a follower count of 100 and above, you can use your twitter account to earn free Bitcoin paid to your wallet daily. Although the Bitcoin earned through this method depends mostly on the number of twitter followers you have. The more followers you have the more Bitcoin you’re eligible to earn.

One of the popular platforms that offer this form of free Bitcoin is – allows you to retweet certain posts in exchange for some freeSatoshi paid directly into your wallet.


  1. Get free bitcoin for doing some micro-tasks: You can earn free bitcoin by completing micro-tasks on some free bitcoin offering platforms like BitcoinGet. This platform is a fun and stress-free way to earn Bitcoin. You just have to complete microtasks like completing a survey.

You don’t need to register on this platform to complete a task, all you need to get started is your bitcoin wallet address.

  1. Get free Bitcoin by participating in PTC (Paid To Click): You can also earn some amount of free Bitcoin by participating in PTC programs. Paid To Click as the name suggests means you will be paid in bitcoin to click on adverts displayed on your dashboard. A popular PTC platform for earning free BTC is – it is similar to bitcoin faucets but the earnings are faster and you’re allowed to click on a maximum of 12 ads a day.
  2. Earn bitcoin writing for blogs and websites: You can earn a substantial amount of money in bitcoin if you have the knack for writing. If you have good writing skills and you have extensive knowledge of Bitcoin and blockchain technology, you can write for bitcoin-related websites and blogs and get paid in bitcoin.

I wouldn’t exactly call this free bitcoin because you worked for it, but since you can earn bitcoin this way I believe it should be included in the article. Writing for bounty campaigns can also earn you altcoins that can be converted into bitcoin. Writing offers you a surefire way of earning bitcoin with your skill.

To get started create a profile on major freelance websites indicating you are experienced writing bitcoin-related articles, when you get hired you can choose to get paid in bitcoin.

  1. Mining: You can earn a substantial amount of free Bitcoin by participating in bitcoin mining. You can download some apps that offer bitcoin mining services, all you need to do is offer your device computing power to the decentralized mining rig. Be careful when using such apps as they can damage or steal information from your PC.

You will get paid in bitcoin for offering your device as a mining rig. Although the bitcoin paid are very small, but you can compile it up after sometime and it will worth something.

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